Mobile Applications

Mobile App revolution has taken the world by storm. From games, news, websites and even the conventional media is shifting towards mobile apps. Mobile application has strategically become an important entity in today’s business environment. It has furthermore extended into an important marketing tool with powerful push notification facilities. You can fully leverage the robust features like GPS and push notification facilities to constantly keep in touch with your customers. Business will be able to track their customers with the GPS, find out their proximity and push marketing messages in real time. Other advantages of this model include response tracking in real time and cut down on marketing costs (SMS) by using the unlimited push notification facility.

ACS also strives on the other segment of mobile apps. This segment is more of B2B type process automation where the process approvals are mapped in the mobile space. This gives the stake holders the added advantage to make decisions on the move using mobile apps in the internal process. It involves high level security as a challenge but unleashes the power of time sensitive decision making on the move. Click here to view some of our mobile apps

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